The Amazing Interior Trends of Spring Summer 2022


The Amazing Interior Trends of Spring Summer 2022

After months of cold and dark days, spring and summer are finally upon us. As the season is bringing change to life with bright sunny days, birds chirping, and leaves growing on the trees it is also time to give the interior in your home a fresh twist!

The upcoming interior trends will reflect the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. People were more at home than usual and want to feel comfortable in a trendy home. There are a few great interior trends coming up that are completely new and enrich us with new interior design insights but also trends from the past that are totally hot again and are coming back with a modern twist. Casamona offers a service to take a look at your apartment and give your interior a beautiful upgrade. You can read more about it on our Home Staging page. The interior design 2022 trends in this blog shared by international interior designers will guide you to refreshing your home to get ready for the new seasons.


Japan in Spain

One trend that is growing massively in Spain is Japanese interior. This ancient style, also known as ‘Kanso’ is infused in thousand of years of Japanese tradition that works calming and culturally presents the Japanese Zen way of life in your home. It is coming from the tradition of inhering furniture from older relatives. Kanso observes the movement of energy in a room; the more objects in a room, the harder it is for energy to flow freely, creating a hectic environment. With the use of wood, light colours, and hints of black, it is all about functionality, simplicity, and keeping clutter away. The house staging service of Casamona focuses a lot on this interior style, you can read more about it on this page.

Image: Studio Maegan and Stacey Leong Interiors


Catalan with a modern twist

A lot of apartments in Barcelona are infused with a typical Catalan interior: authentic rough stone walls, tiled floors, arched brick ceilings, and wooden beams. The rich Catalan architecture has a range of elements and highly valued concepts that can be characterized by structural building features such as the arched stone ceiling, also called the ‘volta’. The stone ceilings are still used in new or renovation projects to preserve cultural heritage. Often, local materials are used to build the popular ‘volta Catalana’, such as brick, light stone, or pressed blocks of earth and plaster; materials with a low environmental impact, which is one of the main considerations for the construction industry of the 21st century. As a result, this technique is being widely used, even for new projects.

In Spain, a home is where friends and family are. But due to the pandemic, it became a place where you live and work. Therefore, people stayed home more and realized that they wanted to have a more comfortable and aesthetic home.

Without losing the beautiful Catalan features in their homes in Barcelona, they managed to give their interior a fresh modern twist with partly white painted plastered walls, wooden floors, and modern furniture. Leaving the rustic brick ceilings, the tiled floors untouched and combining white walls with coarse stone walls, it is a perfect combination of modern interior with Catalan history. You can find this style in a lot of the beautiful apartments in Barcelona that Casamona has to offer here.


Images: IDesignArch, Sivoris, Salva López


1970s are back!

Who said that the 1970s interior is boring? The age of hippies and disco glam will return this year with the bold patterns, rattan furniture, funky wallpapers, and the retro colours, the 1970s are back. Prepare yourself for a bright color palette with yellows, oranges, blues, and greens and geometric shapes in the wallpapers and rugs. Get your old furniture back and have it renewed in one of the great furniture stores of Barcelona that are specialised in it. The 70s will be back with a modern 2022 twist, the warm atmosphere, curved furniture and statement lamps are something to look forward to in 2022.

interior design trend 2022 interior design trend 2022 1970s

Image: Bohemian Dream Wallpaper by Graham & Brown


Hometrend: Simple & Slow

In 2021 a lot was going on, because of the pandemic, many lifestyles were changed, working at home, taking care of the children, and managing life in a different way. Therefore, we now crave a little more simplicity and warmth in these hectic times. The use of soothing colors in combination with wood in not only your floor and furniture but also against the wall gives you the warmth and the serenity you want. Mixing different types and colors of wood is something you see more and more now. Combine it with a nice rug and an eye-catching plant or lamp and your house will be anything but boring.

interior design trend 2022 interior design trend 2022 wood modern wooden door

Image: VTWonen & HomiesLA


Color Trends

There are a lot of color trends that we will see in the newest interior of 2022. From bright and vibrant colors to more neutral and stone tones. The Casamona team selected a few interesting color palettes of the newest interior design trends to inspire you to create your dream home.

The Salon Color Palette

Colors will have a big effect on your interior. With cool-toned colors like white and blue along with the warm neutral brown and grey tones, you will create the perfect balance for inner peace in your home.

interior design white brown blue furniture design

color colour palette light grey blue white brown

Image: The Nordroom


The Dreamland Palette

This Scandinavian minimalism palette brings the outside, inside your home. The complementary mix of colors with neutral grey tones combined with bold green and purple tones is inspired by our beautiful nature.

interior design trend 2022 green pink modern

Image: The Nordroom


The Modern Maximalism Palette

This mysterious palette is a unique combination of colors. The fusion of the cool blue tones blending in with the dark red and purple colors brings dark luxury and fresh elements together.

colour color palette interior design trend 2022 interior design trend 2022 blue red pink modern

Image: The Nordroom


If you want to upgrade your interior for yourself or to sell your apartment faster, take a look at our home staging service!

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