International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

Salone del mobile Milano

International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

Salone del mobile Milano was founded in 1961 to promote Italian furniture and furnishings.

The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition is held each year in the month of April in Milan.  Salone del Mobile Milano offers a wide variety of products ranging from, furnishing accessories, decorative pieces, textiles and styles from a classic to a modern design.

The exhibition we will take a closer look at, the international Furnishing Accessories Exhibition started up in 1989. This event shows a wide selection of excellent pieces each year in Milan. Styles shown at the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition include Modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, mid-century modern, transitional, traditional and many more. There are more than 200 exhibitors including, Alessi, Amini, Baldi and Barovier and Toso, spanning over a whopping 10,000m2 of exhibition space.

The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition offers exclusive pieces crossing from modern to classic designs which will make homes more welcoming than they ever were before. This exhibition makes a home reflect on different types of personalities.


International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition in Your home

If you have a new home in Barcelona that needs to be refurbished, we have a few tips and different styles of home décor.

Casa K, an Italian company offers pieces which blends periods and styles and combines them to make a Joyful and rich design.

Glassware-adrian have system unique handcrafted, decorative glassware pieces.  Such as fruit stands, chandeliers, vases which are produced from the finest glassblowers across Romania.

Aldeco which is a dynamic and creative Portuguese which develops high-quality Interior fabrics, inspired by worldwide cultures. Their products are efficiently used for famous hotels across the globe.

Alessi spa, a kitchen and utensil company in Italy producing products of Italian design. Most advanced cultural and aesthetic which are created by famous Italian designers.

Visit from a casamona member

Our colleague Francine enjoyed the fantastic background of being a part of this exhibition. Francine was considerate enough to share numerous photos of her experience. On many of our interior design projects we work with a Barcelona based company, Kave Home. An example of their showings are below.

International Furnishing and Accessories Exhibition

Kave Home, Barcelona

Salone del Mobile Milano

Kave Home, Barcelona

Furnishing and Accessories Exhibition

Kave Home, Barcelona

Entrance details

Furnishing and Accessories Exhibition is open to the public every April approx. 21st and 22nd. Pre-registration in a must which will guarantee you a spot to be amazed with the top, best, number 1 international exhibition. A ticket will allow you to skip the long ques and cover public transport to and from the famous exhibition. A standard entry ticket into the exhibition costs 35 euros.

Salone del mobile Milano also gives new exhibitors the opportunity to participate in this exhibition each year. This allows companies to connect and meet their target groups.


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