The Charming District of Poblenou, Barcelona

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The Charming District of Poblenou, Barcelona

At the end of the 19th century, this neighbourhood was the country’s most industrially concentrated area, earning it the nickname of the “Catalan Manchester”. Then, with the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, the Poblenou area was transformed from being famously known for its cemetery and beach, to an up-and-coming business and property centre next to the beautiful coast. 

In addition, the centre of Barcelona is just a few minutes away by metro at 4-5 stations. So, you can enjoy a quiet place with all the benefits of the city.

An Urban and Creative Design  

Literally meaning ‘New Village’ in Catalan, Poblenou has a creative and modern atmosphere with old factories turned to lofts and galleries where artists live and work.

The neighbourhood is now filled with warehouse conversions containing loft spaces, galleries, co-working spaces, architecture studios and the occasional wall of beautiful street art. Therefore, art lovers will be overjoyed; art is everywhere:

  • Antoni Miralda and Mariscal, creators of the design studio Palo Alto, reconverted an old factory 20 years ago in creation market. It is an ideal spot where vintage and contemporary design, street style, and gastronomy art all come together.

We could also describe Poblenou as the district for innovation. This is a constantly evolving area.

Agbar Tower

  • The 38-story Agbar Tower located just off Plaza de las Glorias shows the development of the 22@ project.
    • This is Barcelona’s initiative to transform two hundred hectares of industrial land making spaces for knowledge-based activities. It represents the biggest and most ambitious transformation project in Barcelona and has a high real estate potential.

Not surprisingly, Poblenou has quickly become a favourite area for couples and families, in particular those working in the fields of technology, innovation or creation. Casamona considers this district one of the top 5 to live in in Barcelona. Check the Casamona Instagram for exclusive photos of this charming area!


“LA FIRA CERVESA”: 7th edition

This year, the famous “Fira del Poblenou” will take place on July 10th, 11th, 12th in Poblenou Park.

What is it?
  • This is the most famous beer festival in Spain, and occurs only a few meters from the beach.
  • This event brings together people from all over the world to taste different types of craft beer (more than 200!).
  • There are three days of tastings, presentations, music, food trucks, activities and competitions.

The National Beer Championship also takes place here. It is a competition aiming to recognize the best commercially produced beers in Spain. So, if you are a beer lover, this event is perfect for you! 

If you are not a big beer drinker, it is still a wonderful festival to experience while in Barcelona!


In addition, the Poblenou neighbourhood celebrates its biggest festival for two weeks in September. It is a traditional festival with parades, concerts, dance, art and community meals. An event that brings the community together to have a good time in Poblenou’s gorgeous streets.


To make the most of this amazing area, Casamona has several flats for rent and for sale in Poblenou. This is the up-and-coming neighbourhood to live in, so make sure to explore it when in Barcelona. 

Visit the Casamona website for more information on property rentals and sales, as well as tips about moving to Barcelona.

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