Co-living in Barcelona: the new trend of 2021, saving hotels and affording luxury living at low prices


Co-living in Barcelona: the new trend of 2021, saving hotels and affording luxury living at low prices


2020 was a year like no other and 2021, despite all hopes has been less different thus far. With rising lockdowns around the world, restrictions on day-to-day life and a failing economy; many are struggling to make ends meet and pay rent. The idea of co-living has enabled business owners and people with financial issues alike to carry on during the pandemic and provided a light at the end of the tunnel.



A large double bedroom with an en-suite bathroom available to rent. Located in El Raval, close to Universitat, this room has a, TV, a shared kitchen and a living area. Wifi and bills are included.

Why Hotels are being transformed into co-living spaces:


The last year has been very difficult for Barcelona’s tourism industry with most running at a significantly low capacity or have been shut completely. Barcelona has lost approximately 56 Billion Euros in tourism and with significant losses in the business travel sector, travel restrictions and nationwide lockdowns, hotels are struggling to fill up. Although we recognise that this a worldwide issue, for Barcelona it is a considerable loss. Many hotels have decided not to reopen at all until things are more stable and they can run at a higher capacity and have therefore been ‘mothballed’ until further notice. The hotels that have opened are suffering. They can only run at a 30% capacity per Catalan law, therefore making business difficult and are barely breaking even. One solution we have seen emerge is the transformation of hotels into shared accommodation for ‘co-living’. This provides a steady income for hotel owners so that these companies do not go bankrupt; to stay afloat until restrictions are lifted.





This large double bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and TV is located in Gotico, a very central location full of arts, culture and has a great atmosphere. This also has a shared kitchen and living area. Wifi and bills are included in addition to weekly cleaning, making this room a perfect option for co-living

The economic benefits of co-living:


This coincides perfectly for many people who have had to move out of their current homes due to the economic crisis that Spain has now succumbed to.  Many people are having to move out of homes that they can no longer afford due to mass job losses/furlough (permiso). There has been a significant increase in both homelessness and ‘hidden homelessness’ since the beginning of the pandemic. Hidden homelessness is where people have to share an apartment with many more people, often in terrible conditions. The idea of ‘co-living’ is the perfect solution to this. It provides these people, on lower incomes the opportunity to live in a bright, clean, spacious and safe place to live at an affordable price.


This is an example of the shared kitchen in El Raval, close to Universitat. Completed with high-quality materials and lots of space, it provides a very sociable and bright living area.






You should consider moving to a co-living environment:


The pandemic has significantly affected many young people socially. This has prompted many to live with friends in apartments instead of living alone. They now want to live with other people in case of another lockdown to reduce loneliness and increase safe – social interaction. It also provides students and young people who are moving abroad who do not necessarily know people in the city, a place to live and also meet new like-minded people. It is similar to that of moving into a university hall, your own room, an en-suite and a shared kitchen/ social area. It gives you the privacy of your own room and space with doors that lock. It also gives you the social aspect of co-living, with the option to cook with your flatmates, enjoy some drinks and generally enjoy each other’s company with the addition of weekly cleaning, WIFI and bills included.




Need an office set up? This is the perfect solution, combining co-living with co-working spaces, this area is bright, with views and a desktop if you ever need it.




Find a co-living apartment:


We at Casamona have recognised the increase in popularity of the co-living trend and have various options of accommodation and different rooms to choose from. There are many different sizes, styles and areas. We currently have co-living spaces in Universitat (El Raval), El Born and Gótico. All these rooms are within close proximity to the centre of the city, Las Ramblas, Plaza de Cataluña and the universities. We think they are perfect for sociable people who are either students, freelancers, postgraduates and internationals who want a fun and modern place to live at an affordable price.




The view from the co-living space in El Born overlooking Ciutadella Park; a prime location, with affordable prices due to the co-living set up!

If you are interested in delving into the world of co-living, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we have many options of co-living places to rent and would be happy to talk you through them all and arrange visits!


Isabella Loughlin

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