5 tips on Perfectly Securing your Apartment in Barcelona

5 tips on Perfectly Securing your Apartment in Barcelona 1 5 tips on Perfectly Securing your Apartment in Barcelona

5 tips on Perfectly Securing your Apartment in Barcelona


Securing your apartment is essential for you as a property owner. Whether you are using the property as a holiday apartment, renting it out or for another purpose, it is always important to make sure it is well-secured. 

Barcelona is a big city and like many others, it is important to protect and secure your property against break-ins, squatters (also known as Okupas in Spain), or any other possible threats. 

In Casamona we know how important securing your apartment. For your sake, your investments sake, and your tenants’ sake. 

Therefore we have a list of useful tips for you, so you know exactly how you must secure your home in Barcelona: 

1. Make sure your door and lock are upgraded and safe in terms of securing your apartment

First step of securing your apartment is to make sure your door and lock are of high quality – upgraded, safe and strong. As we know, Barcelona is a big city and in every big city, crime can occur. Improving the quality of your lock and door is a great way to make sure that your apartment isn’t easy to break in to. 

Also keep in mind that all the doors and locks should be checked out, including the terrace / balcony door. This applies especially to lower level apartments. Have a look at burglar-resistant doors or security doors. There are plenty of good options on the market, according to your specific needs. 

This is also a good investment, in case you rent it out or decide to sell some day, adding to the value of the apartment.

We always recommend turning to a professional about specific services like this. In Casamona we can help you with that. Click here to contact us, for more information.

2. When the apartment is empty 

If you are going on vacation, it is always a good idea to make sure that the apartment doesn’t look completely empty regarding securing your apartment. Our advice includes leaving some light on, asking a friend or a neighbour to check it on once in a while or hanging out some laundry in case you have space outside. If you do not know anyone in Barcelona who can help you with securing your apartment, Casamona has a solution for you. Read more about our Property Management services here, and find out how Casamona can take care of your apartment while you are out of town. 

3. Camera alarm system for securing your apartment

A camera alarm system is a great way to keep an eye on your apartment while you are away. If you left for a longer period, we recommend having a professional security camera installed. This brings you peace of mind when you are not there. The camera also comes with video recording that you can use as evidence in case a crime occurs. If you never travel for more than a week or so at a time, a cheap security camera can be bought on Amazon. If you wish to get a professional security camera installed, feel free to contact us for advice or recommendations.

Keep in mind that this advice only applies if you live in the apartment on your own. 

4. Installing a security system 

If you are renting your apartment out, a camera alarm system won’t be a suitable option. Consider investing in a security system. While this may not give you any camera footage if anything happens. It will give that extra peace of mind to your tenants, as well as your apartment. This is also a great investment. Tenants often value this highly when looking for an apartment in a big city. It also increases the rental price.

5. How Casamona can help you securing your apartment

Whether you are renting out your apartment, using it a few times a year, or something else – it is important to do what you can to make it secure.

It can be a hassle to constantly ensure the apartment is in a perfect state, if you’re not in town. At Casamona, we can offer a Property Management Service, meaning we take care of your apartment for you while you aren’t here. We offer a variety of packages, so you can choose the one that best applies to your needs.

With the Property Management Service, we can furthermore offer you help if Okupas should become an issue. In Barcelona, Okupas can be a problem in certain areas of the town. Therefore, we adapted our contract to help solve that problem, for homeowners or investors. If you choose this service, the contract states that we have a power of attorney, which would be a legal help, in the case of problems with Okupas.

Here at Casamona, we know how time consuming it can be trying to rent out your apartment. We understand that being an international homeowner means that you aren’t always around to be able to make sure the apartment is in a good state. Therefore, we want to help you. We strive to not only assist you when it comes to the rental process but also whenever your apartment is vacant.

If you want to know more about securing your apartment, or if you want to know more about the Property Management Service, feel free to contact us.


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