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How and why to invest in California

At Casamona we love California; the weather, the nature and the opportunities which the land offers within different kinds of real estate projects.

Do you feel the same? But are you overwhelmed by the possibilities which this beautiful state offers? Do you need guidance on how to make your investment? Let Casamona help you by presenting to you our “sister” company DJR in San Diego.

Casamona and Tine, in particular, has been working with DJR also known as ‘Real Estate Developer & Project Manager’ in San Diego for quite some time now. DJR Companies is a real estate development team with a wholly-owned real estate brokerage licensed in the state of California, DJR Realty, Inc (CalBRE# 01968921) specializing in Southern California properties. The first connection to DJR was made, when Tine took her Real Estate exam while living in the USA.

Casamona’s “sister” company in San Diego, California: DJR Companies

World famous beach communities such as La Jolla and the classy to hip urban areas around Downtown.

San Diego attracts an increasing number of new residents and visitors year after year, creating great demand for our diverse region’s limited amount of beautiful real estate. Year-round amazing weather promotes a healthy, active yet laid back lifestyle, compared to many U.S. cities. Technology, healthcare, real estate, life sciences, major universities, shipbuilding, the U.S. Navy, and an innovative startup scene are major contributors to a vibrant economy. The investment potential is seemingly endless.

DJR offers a wide range of opportunities for investors interested in the American Real Estate market. Whether you are an interested capital partner, property owner, builder, developer, consultant, lender or whatever you should take look at DJR’s website. Here you can find a list of current projects, such as residential infills and facility relocations and you can read more about what kind of company DJR is and the services which they offer. For a quick introduction read below.

A comprehensive view of what DJR has to offer

DJR Companies: Real Estate Developer

As a real estate developer, DJR can place your investments in land development or revitalization projects of those properties with existing buildings.

DJR Realty, Inc.: Real Estate Broker

As a real estate broker with a background in development, DJR’s agents better understand how market trends contribute to the financial analysis of your investment based on your personal financial needs, whether you are purchasing a home for your family or looking for high yields on development and value-add opportunities. DJR will manage any development or renovation of properties you wish to pursue.

Both DJR’s development and brokerage services include residential, land, and commercial properties. Browse our website for some of the projects we have completed and properties we have brokered.

Relocating your business to Southern California?

DJR Companies has managed a complete office and industrial facility relocation projects from site selection through entitlements, permitting, buildout and occupancy as needed.

Through DJR Realty’s brokerage services, we can also walk you through the process of purchasing or leasing residential property for yourself, family, partners, and employees.

Interested in an EB-5

Visa to immigrate to the U.S.? This can be a long, complicated process, but DJR has established contacts with preferred local partners to facilitate these investments. Please inquire for more information. (Minimum investment is typically $500,000 USD)

Contact DJR

  • Drew A. Lambert
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 858-735-1283
  • Address: 2014 Hornblend St. Ste. 1, San Diego, CA 92109
  • Website:

Remember that DJR continually has projects in the pipeline or ongoing consulting-type projects that may not yet have been published on their website. Therefore always feel free to contact the company directly with a project of your own or the interest in participating in a current one.

Remember that opportunities are not always found, but created. An investment with Casamona’s sister company, DJR Companies, is truly an investment in the future. So hurry up and take a look – Now is the time to invest!