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About this area

If you’re looking to escape the bustle of the center of Barcelona or the sea, then you need to discover the world of Pedralbes, quietly nestled amongst the Conserolla Hills.

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Pedralbes is home to a very affluent community, including royalty and celebrities. Despite there being a university campus, students do not tend to hang around or live in the area. This campus, however, is surrounded by beautiful, grand gardens.

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Unique and different

Pedralbes Monastery

This monastery is one of the first and finest examples of Catalan Gothic in Barcelona. and was built in 1326 and founded by Queen Elisenda de Montcada, it took just one year to build before the nuns of the Order of Saint Claire moved in, and they still administer the monastery today. The monastery gardens are also impressive. You won’t find a more peaceful and serene place in all of Barcelona – a peace only disrupted by the singing birds and gurgling of the beautiful Renaissance fountain. Learn more

The Royal Palace of Pedralbes (Palau Reial)

The Royal Palace was the residence of the Spanish Royal Family when they visited the city. Now it is host to several museums open to the public to visit. For example, the Ceramics Museum where you can find the works of Picasso and Joan Miró. The estate around it is beautiful, full of life, trees and the pergola designed by Gaudi.

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Typical Apartment

Pedralbes plays host to an abundance of lavish and luxurious houses, not surprising when it’s home to the Princess of Spain and celebrities such as Shakira. Houses tend to be very innovative, spacious, private and quiet, and most have swimming pools or even doormen.

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Getting Around

  • Metro: Line 3 (green) runs along the southern edge of Pedralbes, with the main stops being Maria Cristina, Palau Reial, and Zona Universitaria.
  • Tram: Runs along Diagonal Avenue
  • Bus: There are several bus routes available, some will take you straight to the central Placa de Catalunya.
  • However, most residents of this area tend to have their own transport and parking spaces.
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Barcelona’s cosmopolitan spirit – diverse and intercultural – is shown by the fact that nearly 18% of city residents are foreigners. The city is divided into 10 districts and made up of 73 neighborhoods, filled with lots of history, culture, and plenty of fun activities for everyone. The neighborhoods are all distinct from one another, each one offering its own best features. We offer unique and different homes in some of the best neighborhoods of Barcelona; let us help you to discover your favorite neighborhood to live in!.