Why you should live in Sant Antoni

Why you should live in Sant Antoni

About this area

The Sant Antoni district offers a unique blend of historic charm, vibrant culture, and modern amenities. Located in the heart of Barcelona, this dynamic neighborhood is known for its iconic market, eclectic dining scene, and architectural treasures. Residents of Sant Antoni enjoy easy access to a wide range of amenities, including shops, cafes, bars, and cultural attractions, all within walking distance.

In terms of transportation, Sant Antoni is well-connected to the rest of the city, with several metro stations and bus routes serving the area. Its central location also makes it easy for residents to visit other parts of Barcelona on foot or by bike. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and convenient location, Sant Antoni offers a dynamic and inviting living experience for those seeking the best of Barcelona's urban lifestyle.

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Typical Apartment

Most buildings in Sant Antoni were built in the 19th and early 20th centuries, during a time when the 1929 Great Exhibition was bringing in sweeping changes to Barcelona’s appearance and building projects. These buildings feature classic architectural details such as ornate facades, wrought-iron balconies, and intricate tile work. Inside, residents will find a mix of traditional layouts and renovated interiors, blending old-world charm with contemporary comforts.

Apartments tend to be more spacious, often boasting high ceilings, large windows, and spacious rooms, creating a sense of openness and light. Some may retain original features like mosaic tile floors or decorative plaster moldings, adding to their character and charm. Additionally, many apartments in Sant Antoni have been updated with modern amenities such as central heating, air conditioning, and updated kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring comfort and convenience for residents.


This is another old-style area, full of atmosphere and shopping. It is more residential but it’s still exciting given its recent revamp. All the new trends in Barcelona such as the gin and tonic culture, the local tapas the brunch and vermouth are now the attractions that have come to Sant Antoni.

Getting Around

  • Metro: Sant Antoni L2 (purple) is the main station, but L1 (red) sits just above and is easily accessible.
  • Train: R1, R4, S1, S3
  • Bus: 201, D50, H16, V11
  • Walking: Plaza Catalunya and La Rambla is around a 10-15 minute walk away



The markets and the area surrounding is a huge social hub for the community. The stand-out market in the district is the Mercat de Sant Antoni, whose Modernista metal structure covers an entire block. Although having been under construction since 2000, there is a pop-up marquee adjacent still servicing the need for various fruits, fish and meats. This market has the edge over the Boqueria market, given that it is far from the busy tourist areas, so you’ll find yourself bargaining with the best locals. A second-hand book market still takes place every Sunday and is a wonderful place to get lost for a while.

A Taste of Home

Just in case the Spanish supermarkets just aren’t enough, A Taste of Home, on Carrer de Floridablanca is a saviour for Brits missing home. Undeniably, the food in Barcelona great, all the tapas bars and the restaurants of varying cuisines, but there are some things that just can’t be replaced, like Marmite, Twinings tea and cheddar. A Taste of Home will satisfy all your British cravings.

Street art

Street ARt in Sant Antoni is part of the culture and there is plenty of graffitis in Barcelona. There is a great blog if you want to discover street art in Barcelona.


Tapa Antoni is a festival that has become very popular and a gathering for friends and family taking advantage of the offer of 2.50 euros for a beer and a tapa.


The magnificent mountain range Serra de Collserola rises up over the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. It is almost touching the city. For the huge population that lives around these mountains it forms a much-loved and incredibly valuable natural area and a great privilege to enjoy. The natural park offers many hiking options with a variety of resting and picnic places. You can easily cross the whole park towards any direction and then comfortably take the train back to Barcelona. Or you just plan a round walking trip.

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Barcelona’s cosmopolitan spirit – diverse and intercultural – is shown by the fact that nearly 18% of city residents are foreigners. The city is divided into 10 districts and made up of 73 neighborhoods, filled with lots of history, culture, and plenty of fun activities for everyone. The neighborhoods are all distinct from one another, each one offering its own best features. We offer unique and different homes in some of the best neighborhoods of Barcelona; let us help you to discover your favorite neighborhood to live in!.

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Beautifully Renovated Modern Apartment in Sant Antoni with a Terrace
Beautifully Renovated Modern Apartment in Sant Antoni with a Terrace
Beautifully Renovated Modern Apartment in Sant Antoni with a Terrace

Beautifully Renovated Modern Apartment in Sant Antoni with a Terrace

Barcelona, Sant Antoni

  • Beds2 beds
  • Baths2 baths
  • Superficie90m2


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Co-Living Luminous Double Bedroom in a 5-Bedroom Shared Apartment
Co-Living Luminous Double Bedroom in a 5-Bedroom Shared Apartment
Co-Living Luminous Double Bedroom in a 5-Bedroom Shared Apartment

Co-Living Luminous Double Bedroom in a 5-Bedroom Shared Apartment

Barcelona, Sant Antoni

  • Beds1 bed
  • Baths1 bath
  • Superficie10m2

975€/ month

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