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About this area

Gràcia is home to one of Barcelona’s most famous tourism destinations: Park Güell. However, more important to the culture of Gracia are the relaxed plaças, the variety of charming cafés and restaurants, and the characteristic narrow streets into which they are all located. It is considered to be one of the most bohemian areas of Barcelona, with regular musical and artistic events.

The residents of Gràcia are bonded not so much by age or wealth as they are by a shared lifestyle. The area is popular with students, and yet is equally full of young families and friendly groups of retirees. What they have in common tends to be a love of the area and its artistic interest. At night, the plaças and their bars fill up to create a lively atmosphere, as well as a sense of community.

Typical Apartment

The apartments we offer are in a mixture of old and modern buildings. All the apartments in the new buildings will have an elevator. In the old town district, you can find small houses with great architectural value. There are also modern apartments located in enclosed communities equipped with private security systems and some other luxuries such as swimming pools and gyms.


In Gracia, you can enjoy any services. There are several gyms that are available in the area. For example, LoveCycle Barcelona, English Yoga Classes or Eurofitness. There are international schools such as Collage and My Little Montessori Barcelona. Additionally, the school Sant Josep Gràcia is one of the best known and reputed in all of Barcelona. Calle de Verdi is a lively street with a lot of independent shops, including a cinema called Cine Verdi which shows films in their original language.

What we think

When we asked our tourist guides, this was the most highly recommended destination for long-term rent/sale. It is away from mass tourism and still keeps the charm of Catalan culture with a variety of plazas dotted around. It still maintains a lively atmosphere, for example, it hosts the oldest festival in Barcelona once a year.

Getting around

Despite being the smallest barrio, Gràcia contains 4 metro stops – Lesseps and Fontana on L3, and Joanic and Verdaguer on L4. It is also well-served by buses, and the efficiency of both of these systems means that you will be able to get pretty much anywhere in the city within 35 minutes.

Must see’s


When people ask where you live in Gràcia, the most accurate information you can give is your nearest “plaça”. That is because they practically define the area, and act as the social hub of the district. On weekdays they are quiet, with people reading and chatting in the many small cafés. Then during the evenings, they turn into an extension of the bars that surround them, with people talking, drinking and listening to music until the early hours of the morning. They transform again on Sunday mornings, returning to their previous stillness, with quaint cafés and family orientated activities.

Bohemian Hangouts

Due to the non-uniform shapes of the streets. Modernist or more traditional: you can find whatever you want in Gràcia, but it’s worth knowing you should expect to pay less there than in other, more touristic areas. The bohemian lifestyle and culture of this area is all a part of the charm. There are excellent boutique stores, vintage gems, art galleries, bars and markets that all cater to the bohemian and hippy culture. When it comes to food, we recommend you walk around all of the plaças and you will find restaurants with many different types of cuisine.

Barcelona’s cosmopolitan spirit – diverse and intercultural – is shown by the fact that nearly 18% of city residents are foreigners. The city is divided into 10 districts and made up of 73 neighborhoods, filled with lots of history, culture, and plenty of fun activities for everyone. The neighborhoods are all distinct from one another, each one offering its own best features. We offer unique and different homes in some of the best neighborhoods of Barcelona; let us help you to discover your favorite neighborhood to live in!.